Our Vision

At Nautilus, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of individual choice. After all, it was that same power that founded our company!  Unlike many other firms that emphasize investment products, we focus on investment services.  We put investment planning and consulting first and foremost. 

A few of our beliefs for helping our clients are as follows:

Care for our clients in the same way we would want for ourselves. We founded Nautilus to be the firm we would go to for advice on our own personal investments. We would want to be informed, understood, and respected for our unique goals and aspirations. We would also expect the highest level of respect for our privacy. If these expectations are met, we would feel comfortable and at ease with the often difficult subject of personal finance.  

Know our clients and their goals. We understand that financial consulting is more than looking at numbers. There is emotion involved as well. People assign different values to money and approach personal finance with different ideas. When we first get to know each other, we will ask you a lot of questions so that we can learn about you as a person, and then we will tailor an individual plan for  your financial strength.  

Respect our clients for their unique qualities and changing lifestyles. While getting to know you, we will learn about what makes you unique and different.  These qualities will be important factors in the planning process. Through the years, many changes will occur and we will be there to modify your plan to address those changes.      

Educate clients to feel confident about their decisions. We emphasize education because it does indeed increase confidence as well as aid in a two-way interaction about your finances. Your ideas are most important, and through education, we can bring out the best of both your and our ideas. 

Practice time-tested financial approaches. At Nautilus, we follow prudent financial principles. We will also take a very hands-on approach to managing your hard-earned assets.  We will monitor your portfolio proactively and always keep your best interests in mind.   

Nautilus Wealth Management, chose to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, one of the preeminent independent broker/dealers in the United States. The alliance with Commonwealth ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to complement their goals. It also helps Nautilus Wealth Management, LLC, best serve clients in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support.